Robyn is passionate about working with children and teachers to develop creative learning through performance based processes. She is also enthusiastic about developing dance, drama, aerial, and cross-art form and festival projects. Robyn has experience teaching professionals, children, adults and teachers contemporary and classical dance, aerial, yoga, stabilisation, modelling and deportment.

Specific Workshops available in addition to the above that can be individually tailored:

Harness and wire work vocabulary for dancers and actors
Wall running and bungee for aerial performers and dancers
Movement skills for actors, singers and anyone scared of dance
Turning ideas into performance
Anxiety Immunisation
Creative Science
Bollywood Grooves
Street jazz/ modern dance/ ballet
Indian storytelling and movement
Multi sensory movement and literacy
Cross-curricular projects

Client relationships with Pals (Performing Arts Lab), Creative Partnerships, Healthy Schools, Children's Fund, The Arts Council, Edcoms, The Works Dance and Theatre Cornwall, Wisemoves, Teeside Arts.

CRB certified
Artsmark validator
Education Producer
Development Manager with Creative Partnerships (2002-3)

Contact Robyn for further information, or to discuss your ideas.

Project example: 'Extreme Arts' summer school - Lead artist.

Anxiety Immunisation® Workshop
Through enhanced body awareness and relaxation

This is a specifically developed program for children as a preventive measure to deal with stress and manage anxiety. The workshops are suited for reception, KS1 & 2 and Insets. Call 0781 39 11123 or email: for further information.

‘I thought it was excellent and relaxing and I feel a lot better now because I was quite tense about my Sats coming up.’ JH (yr 5/6)
‘Another good bit is right at the end when we lie down on our mats, close our eyes and imagine our favourite place to relax… I think it works, when I am really tense I now know how to relax.’ CC (yr 5/6)
Developed by Robyn Simpson, Movement Specialist, in conjunction with David Trickey, Psychologist –Traumatic Stress Clinic; Healthy Schools and Children’s Fund.